a yes, compliments and a zombie tale…

whatI’ve gotten a few more ‘not this time, try us agains’ this week. They don’t bother me a bit. I’m heartened by the ‘come agains’ as I dive back into genres and styles I haven’t tried in a long while. In the midst of a busy week and those nos came a yes that made me smile. I’ll obviously announce to the whole three of you I think are reading this when the time comes, but let’s say it’s an antho that meant a lot to me to get into and…I did!

On top of getting in, the editor was very sweet, looked up some ancient online work and was so very complimentary about the work she did manage to find I didn’t know whether to jump up and down or blush.

Lots of summer fun and plans this week. I think all my upcoming stuff to date is this antho (yet to be formally announced) and a story I wrote that is coming out in Book of the Dead from Living Dead Press. Delivery was my first zombie story and I have to say…I’m digging it. There may be a few more zombie tales in me!


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