A Change Is Gonna Come…

Wow. So I’m working on a big project that just came buzz zoom bam! out of the blue. I’m the proud owner of a brand new eighth grade boy graduate, and I am weeks away from being the proud owner of a freshly turned 12-year-old girl and…life is changing fast. And sometimes change hurts. I’m having some great ones, some scary ones and one very painful one. I know we keep changing and shifting and morphing as we age. I like to call it mutating but people yell at me because that makes it sound like a horror movie. However, it can sure as shite feel like a horror movie at times.

Change can be good. It is necessary, so that we don’t go stagnant and die. But even some of the changes that almost always (yes, annoyingly!) turn out for the best can suck copious amounts of ass. So when that happens, the only thing that will fix it is…my man Otis.

Happy summer, folks. Cross your fingers for this project for me. I’ll take all the mojo and the juju I can get.


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