just start trucking…

picture by me 🙂

Heh. I’m working on this project that sort of popped up out of nowhere. I’ve hit the goal and submitted the work and am now just barreling on with the work. I’m into it. It’s into me. Good stuff, good characters, but lots of anxiety over whether or not it will fly. Good thoughts, juju, mojo, little naked dances under the full moon in your backyard while you chant…all very much appreciated and totally accepted.

I feel I’m at this crossroads I was so not expecting. But it’s good. And it’s okay. And I think I’ll look both ways real fast and just start trucking. It’s the only way to fly.



2 thoughts on “just start trucking…

  1. Go Ali Go!

    Crossroads. this summer’s all about crossroads, isn’t it?

    You’re awesome and my hero, you know that?

  2. ack! that scares me. but thank you. you are sweet. and yes, it does seem to be about crossroads. it’s like you can hear bits of the status quo shifting around, moving when no one is looking. but it’s a good thing. growth can be painful, scary and annoying, but it’s necessary.

    hang in there kid! you know where to find me if you need me.


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