pay attention

Well, here it is almost school time! I busted 100 pages on the project formerly known as BSP (big scary project) and is just now beloved special project. As in, mainstream project. As my other self I have books coming out regularly. As my self-self I truck along at a slow pace on this novel I started at someone else’s request. I knew it wouldn’t fly but the opportunity was heartening because it reinforced that yes, I am not hallucinating…I can write. I didn’t pay attention to my instincts, though and let myself turn inside out over something I knew wasn’t right for me. However, I have a book idea that I adore and I think if I find the right person, it’s going to go exactly where I want it too.

(Speaking of paying attention, I used this picture because while searching for a shot for the blog I was going through some pictures I snapped randomly this summer. I did not see, in person, that hummingbird you see in the shot! Talk about paying attention!)

So, I’m going along with these hot hazy days working like a mad woman. I flit from one computer to another, my pen name book is on the laptop, my BSP on the PC. We’re hitting the beach and doing day things (me and kiddos) and we’ve even planned a short trip. Oh. My. God.

I don’t have a lot to report ‘as me’…which I find amusing and frightening at the same time!

Hope your summer is going well. I have to admit, I am soooooooooo ready for fall. Boots and jeans and crunchy leaves. We have a fire pit we bought at the end of the season we’re just dying to christen. A nice fire, a cool night and a big, big, big glass of red wine. Can’t wait!


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