New Year, New…stuff.


So yay!  The good news about my upcoming book as myself is actually good news after all. The process has started. The contract will be sent. The pain…I mean editing…will commence. It’s a small new publisher who I learned of through my other writing and I like the way they are headed. Primarily the book will be an ebook but print will be made available. I’ve been so around the mulberry bush in writing (under my pen name) these last eight years that the slow, small, easy way is working best for me. This book is a labor of love and I have no interest in rushing it.

That being said, despite this book being what I consider a mainstream crime book…or a literary crime book…or what they have called ‘family fiction’ book…I worry. I operate on a daily basis writing things that would probably upset a great number of folks, but I don’t worry. This little book, I worry.

I think the moral of this story is: I am a worrier.

Which I already knew. So no surprise there 😉

But surprise! I did change my blog title and I am itching to get started on getting my first novel (I did a kids’ ebook at the request of my kids a billion years ago) as myself underway. I’ll just tell all the folks in my life who are excited to read me (I keep my alter ego pretty secret) to not tell me if they don’t like it. I really believe that the biggest hurdle a writer faces is people taking their fiction for reality. It’s not reality. There might be bits and pieces of truth woven into that work, but in the end it is a story. Some might be more realistic. Some might be almost entirely a tall tale. In the end, though, someone always thinks it’s a true story.

Which means worrying about it is pointless, right? And yet, I’ll do it anyway.

I promise to blog more often. Cross my heart and hope to…well, we’ll stop there. I’ll sure as hell try, how’s that?

photo credit: balt-arts via photopin cc

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