fabulous, hon…

I’m really super proud to be a part of the upcoming ESP Smile, Hon: Past, Present & Future issue. I even ordered a spare for my grandmother. (It’s rare that I get so send my grandmother my writing, LOL). If you’re up on the current “Hon” debacle here in Baltimore, you’ll want to read this issue. If you’re not up on it…you’ll want to read this issue!

It’s a win-win, hon-hon.



worst blogger

as myself! I haven’t in a while, I know. So, here I am with a giant run on sentence of a blog about my actual self.

Good news is myself (me as Ali) might be in an upcoming antho that sounds pretty nifty. I was approached for one of my pen names but actually have a published piece that fits the bill as me. I’m so used to my alter ego(s) getting all the work, it’s nice to throw myself a writing bone here and there. It’s not 100% yet, but it is a hopeful possibility. I also am STILL working on that  mainstream book as me, but it is slow going. This book comes in tiny fits and starts and it’s kind of insanity inducing if you must know. It’s also pretty emotional as far as content. A bit grittier and darker than my norm, so I chip away at it in tiny baby bites.

Let’s see, what else? Christmas shopping. Not to jinx myself but I think I’m more than 1/2 done, but that’s easy because kid units want cell phones for Christmas. That takes up the bulk of their alloted ‘joy’ aka money. I’m doing fun little stuff online and actually braved honest to goodness stores today. It was sooooo not pretty. Barely controlled chaos is what I encountered, I have no idea what you’re encountering. It’s like a zombie apocalypse or something, just with ‘deep discounts’.

Beyond that, I’ve got nothing as me. Just normal life stuff. Picture above  is one spoiled dachshund standing on my legs one of the nights we used the fire pit, before it got too frigid and arctic. It’s kind of grainy and whatnot…but I think that’s why I like it. Reminds me of the bad pics we’d take in high school on those little cheap cameras. Back in high school…you know…when dinosaurs roamed the earth… 😉


p.s. I have to somehow reset my time on here. I did not post this at 3 something in the morning. Trust me.

A few somethings…

Something one: Coupling, the anthology of erotica for couples that holds my story F*cking The Mermaid, received a v. nice review at HEA Reviews. You can see it here. And…something two: I’m working on my scary project again after a bit of a lag. Wish me luck. I’ll take it. I’m excited to move forward with it, no matter how it turns out. I have a good feeling in the pit of my stomach about this one. Or maybe I’m just hungry!

I have some appearances coming up in publications but I can’t remember what they are right now. So that’s no help is it? 🙂 Oh well, I’ll come back later when my brain kicks in.


Coupling is out…

And I think there’s another giveaway that will be run via Erotica For All in the UK very soon. For more info (adults only, please!) go here.


Giveaway running

For Coupling on Goodreads until September 10th. I’m in this spicy anthology and it’s out at the end of September (9/24) from Excessica.  Adults only, please!  😀


pay attention

Well, here it is almost school time! I busted 100 pages on the project formerly known as BSP (big scary project) and is just now beloved special project. As in, mainstream project. As my other self I have books coming out regularly. As my self-self I truck along at a slow pace on this novel I started at someone else’s request. I knew it wouldn’t fly but the opportunity was heartening because it reinforced that yes, I am not hallucinating…I can write. I didn’t pay attention to my instincts, though and let myself turn inside out over something I knew wasn’t right for me. However, I have a book idea that I adore and I think if I find the right person, it’s going to go exactly where I want it too.

(Speaking of paying attention, I used this picture because while searching for a shot for the blog I was going through some pictures I snapped randomly this summer. I did not see, in person, that hummingbird you see in the shot! Talk about paying attention!)

So, I’m going along with these hot hazy days working like a mad woman. I flit from one computer to another, my pen name book is on the laptop, my BSP on the PC. We’re hitting the beach and doing day things (me and kiddos) and we’ve even planned a short trip. Oh. My. God.

I don’t have a lot to report ‘as me’…which I find amusing and frightening at the same time!

Hope your summer is going well. I have to admit, I am soooooooooo ready for fall. Boots and jeans and crunchy leaves. We have a fire pit we bought at the end of the season we’re just dying to christen. A nice fire, a cool night and a big, big, big glass of red wine. Can’t wait!


just start trucking…

picture by me 🙂

Heh. I’m working on this project that sort of popped up out of nowhere. I’ve hit the goal and submitted the work and am now just barreling on with the work. I’m into it. It’s into me. Good stuff, good characters, but lots of anxiety over whether or not it will fly. Good thoughts, juju, mojo, little naked dances under the full moon in your backyard while you chant…all very much appreciated and totally accepted.

I feel I’m at this crossroads I was so not expecting. But it’s good. And it’s okay. And I think I’ll look both ways real fast and just start trucking. It’s the only way to fly.