A Change Is Gonna Come…

Wow. So I’m working on a big project that just came buzz zoom bam! out of the blue. I’m the proud owner of a brand new eighth grade boy graduate, and I am weeks away from being the proud owner of a freshly turned 12-year-old girl and…life is changing fast. And sometimes change hurts. I’m having some great ones, some scary ones and one very painful one. I know we keep changing and shifting and morphing as we age. I like to call it mutating but people yell at me because that makes it sound like a horror movie. However, it can sure as shite feel like a horror movie at times.

Change can be good. It is necessary, so that we don’t go stagnant and die. But even some of the changes that almost always (yes, annoyingly!) turn out for the best can suck copious amounts of ass. So when that happens, the only thing that will fix it is…my man Otis.

Happy summer, folks. Cross your fingers for this project for me. I’ll take all the mojo and the juju I can get.



Signature Move

is live on Thuglit. Yay and yay and woohoo. Love this story. Warning this story is not suitable for kids. This is adult content due to sex and violence. So don’t go mistaking it for one of my juvenile pieces. Not unless your juveniles are in…well, juvie. 😉

On the writing front, my other self is wrapping up a book and my other, other self is starting a new one. No wonder I’m tired. 😉 Happy June everyone.



The more I play with wordpress the more I get confused. I am a blogger girl thus far. But I will get the hang of it. I will! Onward and upward. And soon…bedward. 😉

Happy hump day.


Waste Not, Want Not…


Very, very cool. My little poem WASTED NIGHTS will be in the June issue of Smile, Hon! The Waste issue. Tada! As always, I’m thrilled to be a part of an ESP publication. I have some antho news coming up but for now mum’s the word. Why is mum the word? Why mum? I haven’t a clue.



I am so flipping excited!

ack! I am published every, every day as other people. I get really excited when I publish something as me. But this is super exciting to me. When I got the email regarding my noirish story “Signature Move” this morning I steeled myself for a “Thanks but no thanks…” as this one is written outside of my comfort zone, so to speak. But gosh, I loved the story. So, I repeated to myself, Dear Alison, thank you for your submission, however…Dear Alison, thank you for your submission, however…

I said it over and over. So, when I opened it and it was a yes, I made a noise much like this: gru-bwah!

More on this story when it’s live. Woooohooooooo!

Note to self: No more coffee.



Midlist on the Kindle Children’s Literature list…sold! I will take it! Made me happy. I was in the 40s yesterday (the first time I thought to look…bah-dur) but was running around like a maniac. Busy week. A doctor here, a doctor there, a birthday, ants, muddy yards, muddy dogs, books to finish and I think I get to sleep at some point.

Happy sunny day, y’all.


spring is springing and new things are coming…


The last few days have been warm and happy and spring-ish. Folks here in Baltimore are damn near giddy with joy at…well, grass! And a landscape. And sun.

On the writing front. I’m in a few anthologies coming up, but nothing I can cop to yet. I’m also in an upcoming book for Whortleberry Press but alas, no cover art to show. There are some other updates, but they’ve escaped me. Must be the sunlight and birds singing and…what is this? An open window!? Gasp! 🙂

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, by the way. Might have to have a gluten free beer later. Might sink some green dye in it and toast my Irish kith and kin.