Signature Move

is live on Thuglit. Yay and yay and woohoo. Love this story. Warning this story is not suitable for kids. This is adult content due to sex and violence. So don’t go mistaking it for one of my juvenile pieces. Not unless your juveniles are in…well, juvie. 😉

On the writing front, my other self is wrapping up a book and my other, other self is starting a new one. No wonder I’m tired. 😉 Happy June everyone.


4 thoughts on “Signature Move

  1. Dear Alison,

    It’s pre-dawn here in Georgia, and over my first cup of coffee I read Signature Move. I really enjoyed it. Woke me up much more so than the java.

    Gary Towers

    • oh wow. lookie here. comments! i get so many i forgot to check and see if there were any (I’m lying. I get no comments which is why you sat her for so long). Huge apologies for the delay but even huger thanks for the nice words! Made my day. 🙂


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