5 sentences

I hope over to Chuck Wendig’s site often enough. This time I gave his 5 sentence challenge a go. I didn’t win, but it was fun, and as usual, brevity is a good fiction pot-stirrer. Reminds me of all the flash I used to write for one of my favorite sites ever (now deceased 😦 ) Anyway, here’s my go. I think Chuck has another challenge up right now, but I’m under the weather this week, so I’ll stick with showing off my five shiny sentences. 😉


“It was an accident, Ilene.”

“I know that, I get it,” I said, tucking my dead boyfriend’s knife into the back of my waistband.

“He didn’t mean for Billy to die, you know, friendly fire happens in drug deals as well as war.”

I knew that too–I said so–but I told the truth when Todd asked, “Where are you going, then?”

“Another accident’s about to happen…Oops.”

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